Power your Tesla with Solar Fuel. $1000 offer.

Clean charging for
your Model S

Power your Tesla and home with sunlight. SolarCity, Tesla's solar partner, can set up zero emissions charging for your home. It's a clean energy solution that gives you control of your utility bill.

You can get a solar power system for little to no upfront cost and lock in low, predictable rates for years to come. Tesla owners will receive a $1,000 rebate on home charging from SolarCity when they sign up to charge on solar.

SolarCity takes care of everything

Our in-house team will manage your entire project from start to finish.

  • Free installation and no upfront costs
  • Locked-in low monthly rates
  • Service and maintenance at no added cost
  • Dedicated customer care
  • A free consultation can get you on your way

Power your Tesla with solar fuel. $1000 offer.

What's your electricity bill?

100 or 1200
The more you spend on electricity,
the more we can save you.